16'' x 20'', Mixed Media, Dallas Museum Young Master's Collection, Abstracted Coral Collage

Winter Narwhal Watercolour

20'' x 20'', Oil Stick on Cardboard, Crushed Plastic

16'' x 20'', Acrylic Paint, Coral

16'' x 20'', Mixed Media, Abstracted Sea Anenome

16'' x 20'', Acrylic and Color Pencil, Abstracted Lobster

16'' x 20'', Mixed Media

16'' x 20'', Mixed media on cardboard, VASE Competition, Karen

15'' x 10'', Color Pencil, Seashells and Octopus

4' x 8', Permanent Marker and Acrylic Paint, Rez Week Mural: Isaiah 61:11

16'' x 20'', Watercolor and Color Pencil, A Different Kind of Hero Reflections Contest: Mother Teresa Poem

10'' x 12'', Watercolour, Frog Dissection

Two 20'' x 20'' Stretched Canvases, Acrylic Paint

16'' x 14'', Color pencil and Acrylic on transparency, Botany: Cross section of a flower

20'' x 16'', Mixed Media, Abstracted Jellyfish

Drawn Image Sequence (9 parts). Tell a non-linear story.

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Mixed Media
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